Celebrations in The Office

For November 2016 Events Factor are launching an exciting range of services specifically tailored to cater for “Celebrations in The Office” aka CiTO’s.

Workplace celebrations and gatherings are important for many reasons.

  • They bring your staff together, allow them to socialise with one another more informally, and often help build and strengthen relationships.
  • They enhance the culture of a workplace, making it fun and enjoyable.
  • Celebrations and gatherings provide a means of recognizing personal and workplace achievements and milestones and showing appreciation for them in a public manner.

Events Factor will be offering a selection of services that can be provided quickly, simply and cost effectively – and without the need of loosing a days productivity. A majority of the CiTO’s can be provided by one of our Smartly Dressed Staff attending to your office with an Usherette Tray full of goodies, or perhaps some personalised sweets etc. Please see an example of some of our ideas below :

Usherette Trays

A member of our staff would arrive with an Usherette Tray full of goodies to distribute to your work force. Our staff could walk from Desk to Desk to hand out the treats. Popular choices include Pots of Jelly Beans, Personalised Sweets or Chocolates. Lots of options!

Festive Options – For Christmas these CiTO’s could be Mince pies and Cream.

Cooler Bags / Hawking Trolleys – Cold Drinks / Ice Cream

We have a number of Cooler Bags and Hawking Trolleys that are perfect for delivering a frozen treat or chilled drink. One of our most popular is a compact Ben & Jerrys Cart that can be filled with individual pots of Ice Cream.

Airline Trolley

When flying on a plane, there are few better moments while in flight than seeing that little food & drink cart slowly roll towards your seat. Now, with our own Re-purposed Airline Carts, you can get the same satisfaction in the office. The airline trolleys can be filled with Food & Drink and easily travel from desk to desk to hand out your treats. Imagine your colleagues faces when these roll into the workplace!

Popcorn Cart

Always a popular choice – within 20 minutes of arriving we can fill your office with the irresistible aroma of Freshly Cooked Popcorn.

Gin Tasting / Craft Beer / Prosecco

We will happily provide a “Pop Up” serving a choice of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Or we can deliver a choice of options.

Hot Drinks – Belgian Hot Chocolate / Mulled Wine

Events Factor staff would arrive with everything needed to serve an alternative drink to daily norm. This could be Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, or Mulled Wine and Spiced Hot Cider.

Pick & Mix Stand

We can provide a compact stand for your Staff Room or Office – Complete with 20 different sweets, bags & Scoops. Perfect way to say “Thank You” to your colleagues.

When we were putting these services together our aim was to make CiTO’s simple & quick to administer for our clients – Almost a One Click action, We just need a few details to make it happen.