Smoothie Bike Hire

We deliver exciting, innovative and affordable smoothie bike hire packages for Corporate Events, Universities & Schools, Exhibitions and Wellbeing Days.

Wellness Days

Use our Smoothie Bikes to encourage participation at your staff wellness day.

We all need a little treat every now and then, and our healthy and delicious smoothies are the perfect partner to your wellness event. Not only do they enhance the message of health and well-being through exercise and healthy eating, but they are the little reward we all want after all the hard work!

Marketing Activation / Brand Launch

Our Smoothie Bikes are an ideal tool to grab attention in a way that other activities simply can’t compete with.

The unique interaction with our Smoothie Bikes enables prolonged engagement with participants.

As a social media tool, the Smoothie Bikes make for an excellent stand out element to drive traffic, generating curiosity and unique content to your campaign, well after the actual activity has ceased.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Stand out from the crowd with our unique service.
Engage your audience for longer at your stand whilst they pedal their smoothie.
Use the Smoothie Bikes to generate sign-ups for your campaign.

Develop a hashtag or social media competition based around people’s interaction with the bikes.


Our Smoothie Bikes are a great way to engage with children on the important topics of healthy eating and exercise.

Our staff members are all experienced in attending schools and we will deliver an engaging and fun Smoothie Bike workshop to suit the age group.

All our packages include :

Smoothie Blender Bike(s) – We currently have 5 Smoothie Bikes for hire – If you require more please let us know.

Delivery, set up and collection

Professional, uniformed staff to ensure your event runs “smoothly”

Choice of Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies and Shots

Biodegradable cups

Menu boards

Prior to the event, we will work with you to develop your menu as well as determine the size and volume of smoothies so you have a solution specifically tailored for your event.