Jagermeister Tricycle

Jagermeister Tricycle – Now Available (The only one in the World)

The tricycle will be set up to serve ice cold Jagermeister shots and bombs.

Today Jägermeister is one of the fastest growing shot brands in the UK. It is unique, it is cool and it is the ICE COLD ‘in’ drink.

The history of Jägermeister is distinguished by pride in the unique taste coupled with respect for traditional craftsmanship. The secret of success is the unique character of Jägermeister that provdes an unforgettable experience, glass after glass.

The Jägermeister taste is complex and spicy, richly warming to the spirit, combining well-balanced flavours of citrus, ginger, star anise and gentle, pleasing herbal bitterness.

Jagermeister Facts :

German Herbal Liqueur made with a secret blend of 56 herbs, roots and spices
Every bottle undergoes 383 quality control checks
Always served ice cold
Eighth biggest spirit brand in the world
Biggest selling liqueur brand in the world
Fastest growing shot brand in the UK

Add some real excitement to your next Corporate Event, Summer Ball or Festival – really creates a Party Atmosphere.